Friday, September 3, 2010

The Fanta Here is Amazing

It’s sunny again!!

Initially we had some great weather in Austria. A week into our stint here it turned rainy, cold, and windy…but alas, sunny Austrian skies are here again. So far it seems as though everyone in our group has gotten into a decent pace. We have tons of reading each week but of course still have plenty of time to run out and grad some beer and ice cream…yes, I do mean at the same time.

I’m especially happy today because my back doesn’t hurt and my nose isn’t gushing. For the last couple of days I’ve been relatively sick. I wasn’t so much extremely ill, but had a minor cold with those nagging symptoms that make you wish you were so sick all you really have to do is lay down and pass out for a couple of days. Yesterday we had our tour of the UN headquarters in Vienna where we walked around the premises and listened to a few talks by a senior advocacy advisor from UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) and senior press correspondent from the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Association.) It was quite interesting but I had to battle sniffling and a constant stream of snot coming out of my face…sorry for the imagery, it was pretty embarrassing.

So far I think my favorite aspect of the city is the Rathaus(city hall) at night time. For the last two months they have been hosting a music film festival there that starts at twilight each evening. The front of the city hall, which is a neogothic masterpiece of a building with towering spires and all, is draped with a giant screen on which the film for the evening is shown. In front are chairs and bleachers for viewing and behind that is a huge layout of outdoor restaurant booths from around the globe…Thai, Italian, Iranian, Australian, Austrian, you name it….and of course plenty of bier and spirits. The whole production unfortunately ends September 12 but another film festival happening at various locations around the city starts about a week later.

I don’t know if any of you like H&M, but they are literally dozens of them around the city. There are at least 4 stores within a block in the middle of the city…and yes I’ve been with Brandy to each of them on multiple occasions. If you like to shop, Vienna surely won’t be disappointing.

Today we’re going to head down to the natural history museum, head to the state park, and then possibly go to the coffee shop where Sigmund Freud did the majority of his psychoanalysis work, Café Landtmann I believe it’s called…maybe I’ll have an epiphany.


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