Saturday, November 27, 2010

Turkey Day....

Turkey day in Bangkok was a success! Well, actually the day after Turkey Day, but it's all relative when your in a country that doesn't have turkeys. Thanksgiving day everyone had class in the evening; we agreed to postpone our expat holiday until Friday when we could really kick back.

Our makeshift holiday had the best of everything. I got to sleep in, went to the gym, and then joined Brandy and a few others on the rooftop pool of our building to enjoy the sunny 90 degree November weather as afternoon faded to evening. After a quick shower, seven of us met for cocktails at our patio sky bar overlooking Bangkok. We then headed a few blocks away for our much anticipated Thanksgiving dinner at Bourbon Street, a well established spot known for its Turkey Day buffet each year. 

First, let me answer the question that I know my dad will ask as soon as he read this. 

So Dad, no--the food wasn't as good as the yearly Powell spread we have all grown to love over the years; especially since I didn't have Granny to bring me my own personal plate of cranberry sauce and rolls. A southern-cooked homestyle Thanksgiving meal really can't be beaten.

That being said, we definitely were not disappointed with the food waiting for us at Bourbon Street. There were more items than I can remember to name--spread out over a giant buffet that covered a large banquet room in the back of the restaurant. After nearly two months of eating nothing but rice, chicken, and peppers in various combinations I couldn't help but exceed the carrying capacity of my plate a number of times. 

My first plateful consisted of garlic bread, cornbread, ham, turkey, prime rib, lamb chops, fried shrimp, blackened shrimp, blackened fish pasta, crab cakes, beef cutlets, mashed potatoes, malaysian sweet potatoes, jumbalaya, and of course, cranberry sauce. There were also six different soups, numerous salads, dipping sauces, and stomach can only hold so much.

Dessert? yes please. A plate of pecan pie, Georgia pecan pie, ice cream, fruit, chocolate banana pudding, and some whipped cream put me over the edge. There was a whole table of desserts I didn't get to sample; by that time I was holding my stomach and moaning in gluttonous ecstasy, just like everyone else. We did manage to finish our meal with some Grand Marnier and Makers on the rocks--glazey eyed and ready for our nap. 

A nap would have been nice, but there wasn't a couch in sight. What's the next best thing, you ask? Why--an open air rooftop lounge complete with ambient lighting, full layout cabana loungers that can fit four or five people, sand, and a remarkable view of the Bangkok skyline. 

Afterwards, one more stop at a British pub named The Pickled Liver is where we finished or evening playing pool and watching the clock take us from night into morning. T'was a good day indeed. 


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  1. Nice dude. Looks like you ate your weight! Would've liked to see that outdoor/rooftop lounge.

    Happy later turkey day.