Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Little Bit of Paradise


Because we are falling further behind on our blog and are in desperate need of some catching up, I’ve decided to blog about our break after school in nothing but pictures (and perhaps a caption or two)! But first I must sum up our arrival to the most amazing place on earth…

We ended our second term of grad school with a sigh of relief. Due dates had passed and it was time to take a long needed break. The one thing Jonathan had been planning since we both found out we got into the program was winter break. MUST go to southern islands. So we did. Tickets for the trip were booked at least a month in advance and the only thing left to figure out were the logistics. I was to spend a week exploring Krabi and then our good friend Aaron was to meet us the night before I left and party it up with Jonathan while I spent Christmas in the States. (There are also boring details of how I thought I was going to be charged tons of money because of the weight limits of my bags or the fact that I probably had too many to carry on the plane per Asia Airways standards at least…BUT I’ll skip those details.)

On the way to check out the view of Ao Nang Beach

We arrived in Krabi on Sunday the 12th of December…

Ao Nang!

Day Two: morning time in Krabi

The most commonly used form of transportation around the islands -
headed to Railay for some climbing

Welcome to Railay Beach

Climbing on Railay

Day Three: snorkling on Chicken Island

Having a drink at the Red Porch - which is literally a treehouse

Day Four: Heading to the top of Tiger Cave Temple

View from the top

Stair number 1096...

Ao Nang as the sun sets

Day Five: Kayaking through the mangroves - my kayaking partner...


Made it to the mangroves!

More climbing?

Phra Nang Beach!

Phra Nang...climbing and beach? Deal.

Finally joined by Aaron...welcome to the Lazy Bar

Our entertainment for the evening, Oasis and the Beatles included

More entertainment. No he is not a trained professional...

Back to Phra Nang Beach for some more climbing

- Brandy

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