Thursday, August 26, 2010

Integrative Studies: 101

Boring Post #1:

We had our first Professional Seminar class this morning and, honestly, it's my favorite class thus far. Good topics. Good discussion. Our professor, who happens to be another accomplished individual (to be expected after the first two - she worked for the UN for a number of years, speaks 4 languages fluently, along with knowing a bit of 3 or so other languages, and teaches at the Military Academy of Vienna, the American University in Beruit, and the University of Vienna - go figure), seems to know her stuff and actually encourages much discussion. We will tour the UN next week along with other international organizations in the weeks to come. Oh, and we only have one book :)

This afternoon entails a tour around the city, thanks to Webster. More pictures to come. We also got our Lonely Planet guide book for Vienna hopefully it will point us in the right direction of what/where to go/see next. We also take requests...

More later. For now, buses to ride, sights to see.


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