Sunday, August 22, 2010

Made it!

So here we are! After all the talk and preparation. Our bags are unpacked and we're settling in. So far so good. Now, the next question...where do we find food? Apparently everything is closed on Sundays, not just liqour stores.

We arrived yesterday early evening after a long day of plane rides. The orientation in Leiden went beautifully, besides the long days of, well, orientation. We finally got to meet our cohort as well as the other two. Webster also set up events in the evenings for us - the first night was a wine and cheese night on one of the canals right around the corner from the main campus and the second was a beach bbq (yes, bbq in the Netherlands). Pictures to come soon!

We are about a 10 minute walk to the subway and a 10 minute ride to the center of Vienna. Again, so far so good. When we arrived last night, someone from Webster met us and showed us around downtown. We went to an Australian pub. And it's not a typo. Definitely Australian, not Austrian. The food was good and the beer was fabulous. Our entire group went - our bonding time :)

Today was filled with more running around downtown. JP and I got up and hunted for food around our place. It only took a few minutes to remember that everything is closed. Downtown it is. We found a pizza place where the pizza combinations were interesting and the employees were pissy. Next came the search for the closest climbing gym to us. Found it! JP claims is the cooooolest gym he's seen. They have two main rooms (HUGE rooms) dedicated to climbing. JP's in heaven. The cost, however, is a little depressing.

Back to our apartments we came to take naps and do some reading for school. More to come when more exciting things happen.

Until then...


  1. Hi Brandy and JP! Love the blog. Sounds like a FABULOUS time is being had by all. Sooooo thrilled for you and am enjoying the ride along with you. Hugs to you both from me

  2. can't wait to jealously follow along on your amazing journey!!! :0)